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Happy Birthday Jayden!!!
You're 3 now! Such a big 


Love, Mommy, Daddy, Morgan, Katie, and Stetson!
Jayden's a BIG BROTHER! Jayden now has a brand new baby brother named Stetson.
Jayden can say his ABC's and count to 20! He can dress himself right down to his shoes, and is using the BIG BOY potty now too!

Jayden went on his first trip to the zoo today! He had SO much fun with Mommy and Daddy.

April 20,2006

Jayden is 2!!!!
First Haircut
Jayden got his first haircut today. He did REALLY good.
Jayden goes to the doctor
Jayden was sick during the holidays this year, but is feeling MUCH better. We discovered he has a severe allergy to cats. He is getting SO big! He is now 3ft 2in tall and is 32lbs. He's now in a 3-4t and in a 7.5 w shoe. Mommy's baby is getting BIG!
Happy New Year Big Boy!
Jayden enjoyed New Year's with mommy and daddy this year. He toasted our Pepsi and Sprite with his very own bottle of Chocolate milk. Then he fell asleep with a story from Daddy.
Christmas 2005
Jayden had a very adventurous Christmas this year. He traveled to Louisiana to see his Nana and Pappy, and then to South Alabama to see his MeMe and great grandma MeeMaw. He then went to North Alabama to see his nanny and Poppy. He got all kind of goodies, his favorite being his Potty Training Elmo (this week..haha). He also got to go visit his Paw Paw's special resting place on Christmas morning as well.
Born in Alabama on April 20, 2004.
Sweet goodbyes

On July 22nd '05 Jayden said goodbye to his best friend. His Paw Paw, who loved Jayden with every ounce of his being passed away. He was able to see Jayden one last time in CCU and told Jayden he loved him, he slipped away to Heaven 2 days later. Jayden will NEVER wonder about his Paw Paw because mommy will always make sure he knows how much he was loved.

Jayden says Mommy

Jayden said Mama on June 23rd!

Jayden's first move

Jayden and mommy moved to Louisiana to stay with Nana
and Pappy.


Jayden celebrated his 1st birthday at home on April 20th!
 He had a circus party and LOVED his cake! His family was
all there to celebrate the good time!

April 20, 2005



Jayden had his 1st Christmas! He loved the paper and the
boxes most of all!!


Jayden's 1st Thanksgiving was a blast. He LOVES Pumpkin Pie!


Jayden went trick or treating Oct. 04 for the 1st time. He was a little yellow duck.

Jayden crawls

Jayden crawled for the 1st time on September 14th '04

Jayden's first tooth

Jayden got his first 2 teeth on his 3 month birthday!!

Jayden's First word

Jayden's first word believe it or not was "No." He didn't like having his diaper changed and would wimper "No no no" so sweetly.

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